Are you delivering DASH (via DASH.js)?

If you are using DASH.js for playback of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming for HTTP (DASH) content, you’ll need to make some modifications to DASH.js to implement support for token authentication.

Steps for using DASH.js with Our Tokens

  1. Import JS MIN Lib.
    <script src="akamai-dashjs/dist/akamai-dashjs.min.js"></script>
  2. Create an instance of MediaPlayerand extend RequestModifierwith AkamaiRequestModifier before you call initialize on MediaPlayer.js.
    var player = dashjs.MediaPlayer({}).create();
    player.extend("RequestModifier", AkamaiRequestModifier, false);
    player.initialize(videoEl, null, true);

We offer a DASH support player

You can access a player supported for use with DASH and AMD at: