Configure "Best Practices" Mode (recommended)

The Best Practice configuration Mode automatically applies industry recommended settings to help provide a better playback experience, for multiple device formats.

The automatic settings are sourced from the best practices laid out by Apple:

Device Identifying Device HLS Master Manifest Modifications Corresponding Query Parameter
iOS cellular
  • UA match on *iPhone*OS* or *iPad*OS*, and
  • match:client.edgescape2 field="NETWORK_TYPE" value="mobile" check-ips="connecting"
  • A preferred bitrate of 730 kbps is applied
  • __b__=730 1
iOS wifi
  • UA match on *iPhone*OS* *iPad*OS*,
  • A preferred bitrate of 2000 kbps is applied
  • __b__=2000 1
tvOS (Apple TV)
  • UA match on *AppleCoreMedia*Apple\ TV*
  • A preferred bitrate of 2000 kbps is applied.
  • Bitrates close to 145 kbps should not be present.
  • __b__=2000 1
  • b-in-range=200 2
Note: The HLS Content Authoring Specification (that specifies the Best Practices discussed above) can be found at this link:
1 The "b" is prefaced and followed by two, simultaneous underscore characters.
2 We exclude bitrates that are lower than 200 kbps, because known guidance states that you should not include the 145 kbps bitrate.