Apply Referrer Protection

You may have granted various outside web sites access to your players or content—for example, via a link on a page on your site. Unauthorized sites may attempt to hijack these links and publish them to their own site. Use this to specifically name qualified referrer website URLs to block these referrers from accessing your content.

To implement this protection, set the Enable Referrer Protection slider to "On" and define the following settings:

  • Mode: Select the desired operator:
    • "Allow...": This grants access to clients that fall within the settings you apply.
    • "Deny...": This blocks clients that fall within the settings you apply.
  • Referrer Domains: Click this field, input a referrer domain and click the (new item) entry to add it. Repeat to add additional domains. A Referrer Domain cannot exceed 256 total characters. Domains can be input using the following formats:
    • Full Domain: Input as (Do not include http(s)://)
    • Domain Prefaced with a Period (“ . ”): For example, this could be The period serves as a form of wildcard, indicating that all domains that end in are allowed.
  • Redirect request instead of Deny: Set this slider to "On" and input a complete page address in the Redirect URL field to serve as a deny destination. This URL cannot be longer than 2000 total characters. If an access attempt is denied, it is redirected to this address:
    • "Allow..." Mode: Any request outside what you have specifically configured here is denied and sent to this redirect URL.
    • "Deny..." Mode: A request that matches any value you have defined here is denied and sent to this redirect URL.
Note: The requesting client must be able to handle 302 on manifest requests to support the above functionality. It also requires that you have a page setup and accessible via the noted URL to serve as the deny destination.