You can set Advanced options

Set the Show Advanced switch to "On" to reveal additional options for use.

Enable Debug Headers

Once enabled, your requests for the HLS Master Manifest also contain two additional headers, Akamai-Manifest-Personalization and Akamai-Manifest-Personalization-Config-Source, that can be used for troubleshooting purposes.

Header Description
Akamai-Manifest-Personalization-Config-Source This header indicates the source of the applied manifest personalization operations: UI, query params or both, where the values are as follows:
  • UI-: Only settings defined for the Manifest Personalization rule in the AMD configuration (UI) were used.
  • QUERY: Only query string parameter values were used.
  • UI-QUERY: A combination of configuration values were used from the Manifest Personalization rule (UI) and query string parameters were used.
Akamai-Manifest-Personalization This header reveals all manifest personalization operations (filtering and preferred bitrate) that were applied to your request. For example, Akamai-Manifest-Personalization: b-in=300,400&b-in-range=500-&__b__=600
Note: Debug headers are only added for requests with HTTP response codes 200 and 400.