You should activate Log Delivery

Edge network logs can help you troubleshoot content and configuration problems.

You can receive Edge server logs of all requests for your content in a standard log file format. These logs are aggregated from data from all Edge servers, sorted by time, and can be delivered with specified frequency to a specific email address, or sent to your FTP servers.

Important: Log delivery must be activated prior to delivering any content from the Edge network, as logs cannot be collected retroactively. It takes 24-48 hours for the log delivery to start from the time when you activate it.

The activation process

Log delivery is not enabled by default. If you need Edge network logs, you need to activate it in the Control Center.

  1. Log in to Control Center using a User ID and Password that have been configured for access to AMD.
  2. Select Configure > Log Delivery.
  3. Locate the applicable Object ID (CP code) associated with your instance of AMD. (It is listed in the Products column.)
  4. Click the Action (gear icon) drop-down and select Begin Log Delivery > New.
  5. From the Delivery tab, set all required options (marked with an asterisk).
  6. Click the Next button.
  7. Set contact information for the new log configuration and click Finish. Logs will be delivered based on your defined settings.
    Tip: Detailed information on the Log Delivery tool can be accessed via its dedicated Online Help (the “?” button revealed in the UI in Control Center).
If your Edge network services include having logs delivered via FTP to your NetStorage account, specify the NetStorage FTP upload account in the Log Delivery settings. The NetStorage account information is included in your service activation package. You can also look it up in Control Center.
CAUTION: When you use NetStorage for log delivery, it is important to manage the content. If you don’t remove excess log files, you may see large overage charges as the files take up more and more space. You can remove the log files after you download them, or you can set up automatic purging rules through the NetStorage interface on the Control Center.

You can test Log Delivery

Edge network logs are delivered in standard log formats, such as W3C Extended log format. However, if you are currently using your own server logs for reporting or data analysis, you should verify that Edge network logs are fully compatible with your log processing application. Test the first log files you receive from the Edge network through your regular log processing application or workflow, and adjust them if necessary.