You should use "Best Practices" mode

This is the Configuration Mode Akamai recommends. Select it to automatically apply the primary categories GeoGuard identifies as essential for proxy detection.

GeoGuard maintains a list of categories for proxy detection

This includes multiple primary ("must-have") categories for proxy detection. This behavior leverages these categories to recognize that a request is coming from a proxy.

How is the Best Practices mode applied?

Once selected, this mode automatically incorporates all of GeoGuard's must-have categories. You define an Action to be taken when a request is identified from any of these categories:

  • Allow: This lets the request through, and the action is logged. (You can later audit the logs to determine how setting this to a different action may affect your traffic.)
  • Deny: This blocks all matching requests.
  • Redirect: This sends these requests to an alternate URL. Provide this URL in the Redirect URL field that's revealed.
Note: The following apply when defining a Redirect URL:
  • A Redirect URL can't exceed 2,000 characters in length.
  • Use only an absolute URL and ensure that it doesn’t include the same hostname, to avoid creating a redirect loop.