Optional behaviors and best practices/use case-based provisioning

This applies if you add and configure an optional behavior that is already predefined as a best practice, or applied via settings you have defined in a use case-based provisioning behavior.

If you do this, the following will occur:

  • You'll override the best practice/use case-based provisioning value
  • You'll see a warning message: This is revealed in the behavior itself, in the Errors/Warnings/Notes Messages display, or both. It states that customizations override preset, "best practices" settings. This warning is informational only and can be ignored (no actions are required). Here's an example a "warning" message:

Note: Only behaviors that have been optimized for best practices or use case-based provisioning show these messages. (All other behaviors are added normally.)

You can return to the "best practice" setting

If you prefer to maintain the preset best practice for a behavior, simply delete the additional optional behavior that created the warning message. (Mouse-over it and click its “X” icon.)