Mismatch issues and UCEM

You may encounter a "mismatch" between what you've set in a property hostname via Use Case-based Edge Mapping (UCEM) for an edge hostname, and what's applied in the "use case-based" behavior in the rules in your property configuration.

Here, we describe some of these mismatch conditions, and how to resolve them.

Incorrect mapping from your property hostname to edge hostname

The first step to resolve any mismatch is to make sure that the mapping from the property hostname (your "vanity hostname") to the edge hostname in Property Manager is accurate. This mapping must match the DNS CNAME record that translates your vanity hostname to the edge hostname that was generated.

One to one method: Does your UCEM setting match the use case-based behavior?

If you're using this method, these settings must match. For example, your AMD configuration has set "Live" as the UCEM for the edge hostname. So, the equivalent use case-based behavior, Segmented Media Delivery Mode in the Default Rule must also be set to "Live."

  • Verify the settings in both and adjust as necessary.
  • You can also create a new edge hostname, apply the appropriate UCEM setting, and incorporate Mixed Mode Configuration if you need to preserve the existing edge hostname. (This is similar to what's outlined in Method 2: "One to many").

One to many method: Does your UCEM setting match the use case-based behavior?

In this method, Mixed Mode Configuration (MMC) is in place. It lets you to apply multiple instances of the use case-based behavior, Segmented Media Delivery in different rules, and apply those rules based on the edge hostname used in the request. This could apply in one of the following two scenarios, or a combination of the two.

  • Multiple instances of a use case-based behavior are associated with one property hostname, and the corresponding edge hostname is associated with only this property hostname.

  • Multiple use case behaviors are associated with multiple property hostnames, but these property hostnames are mapped to a single edge hostname.

Note: In addition to using MMC in a single property configuration, this can apply if you're using the same edge hostname between two different property configurations.

To resolve all of these mismatches and include UCEM, you need to create separate property hostnames and associate them to separate edge hostnames. This way, you can apply the appropriate UCEM setting in each edge hostname, and the matching setting for the use case-based behavior in the appropriate rule.

For example, using the Segmented Media Delivery Mode use case-based behavior that applies to AMD, you could set up a single property configuration to incorporate both UCEM and MMC:

Property Hostname Resulting edge hostname If the UCEM setting is... ...the Segmented Media Delivery Mode use case-based behavior setting must be Rule where applied
myvideos-live.com 1 myvideos-live.com.akamaized.net Live Live Default Rule
myvideos-od.com 1 myvideos-od.com.akamaized.net VOD On Demand Supplemental rule 2
1 This hostname would need to be CNAMEd to the resulting edge hostname.
2 Add a new Rule to the property configuration, and set its Match criteria to the Property Hostname for your on demand media. (See Method 2: "One to many" for the specifics.)