How to add Enhanced Proxy Detection

Enhanced Proxy Detection (EPD) lets you use services provided by our data provider, GeoGuard to apply proxy detection and location spoofing protection.

For example, you can set up the Enhanced Proxy Detection with GeoGuard behavior to identify requests for your content that have been redirected from an unwanted source via a proxy. You can then allow, deny, or redirect these requests.

Before you begin

  • Get access to Enhanced Proxy Detection with GeoGuard. You need to have this added to your contract to add the appropriate behavior in Property Manager. Contact your Account Representative to add this functionality.

Add Enhanced Proxy Detection with GeoGuard

Once you have it added to your contract, you can add EPD to your AMD property by performing the following:

  1. Create a new AMD property, or edit an existing one using Property Manager.
  2. In the Property Configuration Settings options, click Add Behavior.
  3. In the Search available behaviors field, type Enhanced Proxy to filter, and select Enhanced Proxy Detection with GeoGuard from the list. The new behavior is added to your configuration.
  4. Set the Enable Proxy Detection switch to "On."
  5. You can also Enable Forward Header Enrichment. This is actually one of two ways you can use this feature. See Include a header that identifies proxies for complete information on use.

Now, you need to select the applicable Configuration Mode to apply EPD to meet your needs.