Some optional behaviors have been optimized for AMD

These AMD-related optional behaviors have been optimized as fixed, best practices values. They are internally defined in the Default Rule in your AMD property.

So, you no longer need to add these individual behaviors and configure them for best results.

  • Allow All Methods on Parent Servers
  • Cache HTTP Error Response
  • Cache HTTP Redirects
  • Caching Indicates a Behavior that may have been available in the Default Rule for a property with past releases of AMD. You can edit the property to remove this legacy behavior setting, and employ Best Practices, or apply Use Case-based provisioning, instead.
  • CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing - Used to define specific headers) Indicates a Behavior defined via a custom Rule, outside of the Default Rule.
  • LDS (Log Request Details) 1
  • Tiered Distribution 1
Note: These behaviors can still be added as an optional behavior, and you can customize settings as desired. However, if you do so, what you set as your customized setting will override what we consider best practices. (And, it may negatively impact delivery of your content.) Ensure that a custom setting must be applied to meet your environmental needs before you do so.