Add Manifest Personalization for DASH

With the increasing demand for online content, you may be challenged to deliver even more when network and bandwidth capacity are limited. To help with this, you can include Manifest Personalization ("MPer") with AMD to limit or restrict the maximum bit rate for DASH content served to your customers.

How it works

MPer for DASH lets you incorporate "bit rate targeting." You determine an upper bit rate limit and MPer trims bit rates above this limit from the DASH manifest. Any request above the maximum bit rate value is downgraded to the bit rate maximum you've defined.

Your account representative will help you add MPer for DASH to your AMD property configuration. When a request is sent to a property hostname in your configuration, and it matches the MPer rule criteria, your manifest is updated "on-the-fly" to incorporate your bit rate targeting settings.

What video formats are supported?

Manifest Personalization is supported for use with on-demand DASH media. We're looking to add support for Live media with a future release.

MPer with DASH vs. HLS

Currently, MPer functionality for DASH is limited to what's discussed here. We're working diligently to reach feature parity with the HLS version of MPer and expect to have it in a future release.