Origin Responsiveness Monitoring: Timeouts

When defining Origin Responsiveness Monitoring in your Origin Failure Recovery Policy, you need to establish a Timeout configuration. Three preset values are offered—Aggressive, Moderate, or Conservative—or you can apply a User Specified Timeout in seconds.

This timeout is a threshold that's used to trigger a retry or a recovery action. For example, if the timeout was five seconds, a request to your primary origin that meets or exceeds this time would trigger the retry or recovery action.

The preset thresholds

Each of the preset thresholds has a default time for the trigger, in seconds.

Threshold Segment Duration
Aggressive 2 seconds
Moderate 3 seconds
Conservative 4 seconds

The User Specified threshold

This is relatively self-explanatory. Select this threshold and define the amount of time to trigger the retry or failover, in the User Specified Timeout (seconds) field that's revealed.