Caveats and known issues with MPer for DASH

There are some caveats and known issues that apply to the use of MPer for DASH. Review them before adding this functionality to your property.

Issue Description
UTF-16 encoded DASH manifests are only supported with additional configuration By default, the background service that powers MPer for DASH doesn't support UTF-16 encoded manifests. Additional metadata can be implemented to get the service to accommodate them. The service first tries a regex replacement of text using UTF-8. When that's not possible, it tries again for UTF-16 encoded text. Talk to your account rep to see if this workaround can be applied in your environment.
Range headers are removed The background service that powers MPer for DASH is not compatible with range requests. When MPer is enabled and a request includes a range header, a 502 error is returned. To handle this issue, range headers are removed from requests that include MPer.\.
Manifest files can be no larger than 1MB in size Requests that include a manifest greater than 1MB in size are met with a 5xx error.
FireTV devices may not be supported with MPer The Representation elements that include bit rates above your specified maximum are dropped from the manifest. Representation elements are contained within "Adaptation Sets" in the manifest. If all of the Representation elements within an Adaptation Set are eliminated, the Adaptation Set is "empty," and it should also be removed by MPer. In rare circumstances, an empty Adaption Set may be left in a DASH manifest after MPer modifies it. Testing has shown that playback via FireTV devices can stop if empty Adaptation Sets exist in the manifest.