How to add Content Targeting - Protection

Content targeting ("geo protection") allows you to permit or deny access to your content based on region-specific values associated with the requesting client.

For example, you can add the Content Targeting - Protection behavior and configure it to deny access to clients in a specific geographic region ("geo protection"), or only allow requests coming from a specific set of IP addresses.

Where does Geo Protection fit into the content protection spectrum?

There are multiple levels of access and protection and geo protection fits in as follows:

  • No protection: Open Access. Anyone can access you content
  • Level 1: Geo Protection.
  • Level 2: Token Auth. An encrypted token in the request is compared against a token you've associated with your content. You can add it to your property using the Token Authentication options in the Segmented Media Protection behavior.
  • Level 3: HTTPS Protection. Configure your AMD property to access and send content via secure delivery.
  • Level 4: Media Encryption. Your content is encrypted. Only requests that include the proper decryption key can decode it for access. You can add it to your property using the Media Encryption options in the Segmented Media Protection behavior.
  • Most protection: DRM Encryption. This prevents access to only those clients that have been authorized to have a DRM license for the playback environment or content, including additional rights management rules.

How do I get access to Content Targeting - Protection?

You need to have this added to your contract to access the appropriate behavior in Property Manager. Contact your Account Representative to add this functionality.

Add Content Targeting - Protection

Once you have it added to your contract, you can add Content Targeting - Protection to your AMD property by performing the following:

  1. Create a new AMD property, or edit an existing one using Property Manager.
  2. In the Property Configuration Settings options, click Add Behavior.
  3. In the Search available behaviors field, input Content Targeting to filter the listed behaviors, and select Content Targeting - Protection from the list.
  4. The new behavior is added to your property. Set the Enable Content Targeting switch to "On."

Once enabled, you can apply Content Targeting - Protection in multiple ways.