Protocol Downgrade can be optionally added

You can add the Protocol Downgrade (HTTPS to Origin Downgrade) behavior to "downgrade" a secure HTTPS connection to HTTP at the point in time our Edge servers contact your origin. We refer to this as "Protocol Downgrade."

The secure HTTPS connection starts with the client that accesses our Edge servers, where your AMD property is read and processed. However, you serve an HTTP connection when delivering content from your origin to the client.

You might need Protocol Downgrade in your environment, if either of the following apply:

  • You haven't upgraded your origin to support secure connections. (Or, you don't want to.)
  • You want to avoid the overhead associated with secure sockets layer (SSL) when serving non-personally identifiable information (PII) assets.

To implement this, we offer the Protocol Downgrade (HTTPS Downgrade to Origin) behavior that can be applied to your AMD property.