Content Provider Code and AMD

Content Provider (CP) codes are numeric IDs assigned to client requests in your configuration. These codes are used to identify your content for billing, logging, reporting, and cache purging. This is a required behavior.

Your Account Representative assigns you a CP code for use with AMD, typically when provisioning it for your use. If you are setting up your own application and do not already have a CP code available to assign to it, contact your Account Representative.

Perform either of the following to add the appropriate CP code to your AMD configuration:

  • Click this field to select from a list of existing CP codes. These are CP codes that have already been provisioned for use with AMD, and they are available to the user account that is currently logged in to Control Center.
  • Click the Create new... button to create a new CP code. The default name for the new code is what you've set for the Property Name, but you can input a custom name if you want. A new CP code may take upwards of two hours to propagate to our network (You will have to wait for it to propagate before you can finalize the AMD property.)