Activate your property on the Staging network

To perform actual testing of your AMD property, you need to activate it on the Staging network in Control Center.

  1. Select the appropriate Control Center Account. Use the top-right pull-down in the header to select the account.
  2. Access Property Manager configurations associated with the selected Control Center Account. Go to > CDN > Properties.
  3. Filter the results of the Property Groups table by inputting the desired AMD property name in the Filter by Property or Hostname field.
  4. Click the Property Name.
  5. In the Manage Versions and Activations content panel, click the applicable Version <#> link to access it for testing.
  6. Click the Activate tab.
  7. Select the Activate v<#> on Staging button.

  8. Any warnings carried over from the configuration will be displayed as Validation Messages. You can click Cancel and edit the Configuration to acknowledge them.
  9. Optionally, add descriptive Notes and/or use the Notify via email field to define e-mail address(es) that will receive notifications in the event of a Property file change (separate multiple entries with a comma--“,”)
  10. Click the Activate v<#> on Staging button.
  11. Monitor the Activate tab to track progress. You can also click the “View Details” link to review settings and information regarding the Property. The version should be active in the testing environment in about ten minutes.