Define the Property

You use the Property Manager Editor in Control Center to apply settings and options to define your AMD "property." The settings you apply are used by Akamai Edge network servers to communicate with an origin server to fetch, cache or process content; and subsequently serve that content to the client requesting it.

After you create a new property, you are automatically sent to this editor to setup your configuration.

Points to consider regarding the Property Manager Editor

  • The configuration options available to you are set by contract. So, you may see options described here that you don't see in your instance of Property Manager Editor.
  • You may see options on-screen that you can't modify. This can happen for multiple reasons—the option is not available for use, or it may be preset as a "Best Practice." You can review these options in the help for Property Manager Editor (via the applicable ? button), or you can contact your Account Representative for additional assistance.