You can schedule recurring reports

In addition to viewing online reports in Control Center, you can activate recurring reports that are automatically sent to you.

  1. Log in to Control Center using a User ID and Password that have been configured for access to AMD.
  2. Select Configure > Alerts.
  3. Select Adaptive Media Delivery and click the Continue button.
  4. Click the All Configured Alerts link.
  5. From the Choose Alert Type interface, you can select from a host of HTTP Downloads-related alerts-Click the Add link for the desired one.
  6. Input a desired Alert Name.
  7. Select the applicable CP Code(s) for which the alert should be issued.
  8. Scroll down and set alert parameters as necessary.
  9. Define Notification options to indicate who will receive the alert, and how it will be sent.
  10. Click the Save button.