You can customize using "Advanced" mode

Set this as your Configuration Mode if you're looking to customize GeoGuard categories individually to meet your specific needs.

GeoGuard maintains a list of categories for proxy detection

This includes multiple primary ("must-have") and "optional" categories. This behavior leverages these categories to recognize that a request is coming from a proxy.

Important: If using this mode, categories that GeoGuard considers MUST-HAVE should be set to "On" to ensure basic protection. A list of these categories is maintained by GeoGuard. If you deviate from this, Akamai can't promise proper proxy detection protection.

How is Advanced mode applied?

You can enable or disable each of the GeoGuard categories of proxy detection. Those set to "On" allow you to define an Action that is taken when a request is received from that proxy category.

  • Allow: This lets the request through, and the action is logged. (You can later audit the logs to determine how setting this to a different action may affect your traffic.)
  • Deny: This blocks all requests from that category.
  • Redirect: This sends requests from that category to an alternate URL. Provide this URL in the Redirect URL field that is revealed.
Note: The following apply when defining a Redirect URL:
  • A Redirect URL can't exceed 2,000 characters in length.
  • Use only an absolute URL and ensure that it doesn’t include the same hostname, to avoid creating a redirect loop.

Requests from categories that are left at "Off" are processed as normal: they are allowed without logging.

Use case example: Set up different Actions for each category

We strongly recommend that you stick with Best Practices mode for ease of use, and to offer the best overall proxy detection. However, this method requires that you use a single “Action” for requests coming from all GeoGuard categories. If you need to apply a different Action type for the various categories, select Advanced mode and:

  1. Enable them all (set them to “On”).
  2. Apply the appropriate Action for each.

This way, all GeoGuard “must have” categories have proxy detection enabled, similar to what’s offered with the Best Practices mode.