Media formats supported with watermarking

Watermarking is supported for use with various media formats and distribution methods.

Both live and on demand media are supported

To work with watermarking, a media format must offer a basic mechanism for converting a request into a logical segment number. Put simply, Akamai must be able to map a watermarking pattern to the series of segments being requested.

  • On demand content is supported. On demand content is packaged as a sequence of segments or fragments, and the sequence number is explicitly provided.
  • Live content is supported in a limited manner. This is more complex with live media. So, watermarking is supported in a limited way with a specific watermarking vendor.
Note: Currently, Akamai Media Services Live is not supported for use with watermarking.

Supported formats

The following media formats are supported for use with watermarking:

  • Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). Both segmented and fragmented forms of HLS are supported.
  • Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH). Segmented format DASH is supported.

All formats have various requirements of the encoder or the third-party watermarking vendor, or both.