Cache Key Query Parameters

This Behavior lets you use query strings to differentiate objects in cache.

The initial setting for this behavior is Exclude all parameters, so that all requests for the same URL are served from a single cache entry regardless of the query string. For example, these two requests would be served from the same object in cache:

This happens because the product would consider only the URL without the query string when looking in the cache, as shown here:

You should confirm whether the Exclude all parameters setting is appropriate for your website. In other words, does picking the appropriate setting for your environment will optimize it by incorporating Use Case-based Provisioning? Other available options include:

  • Include all parameters: This preserves the order from the request.
  • Include all parameters: This reorders alphabetically.
  • Include only specified parameters: Only what you specify is included.
  • Exclude only specified parameters: What you explicitly specify is excluded.