Segmented Media Delivery Mode

Use this to set the delivery mode for your content to tune the configuration for that specific mode: On Demand (Default) vs. Live.

Among other things, this adjusts the Time-to-Live (TTL) of the manifests if no specific caching rules are defined. For example, "Live" assigns a very short TTL to the stream manifest file so that updates to the manifest are retrieved in a timely manner.

Important: “Best Practices” and “Use Case-based Provisioning” are currently not supported with Live content (if you set the Mode to “Live”). They are currently only supported with On Demand content.

Advanced Options for "Live" Mode

If you've selected "Live" as the Mode, the Show Advanced Option slider can be set to "Yes" to reveal additional options. These are used when configuring Media Services Live for use with AMD and are discussed in the Live Streaming with MSL 4.x and AMD - Getting Started Guide.

Important: These options only apply to the use of Akamai's Media Services Live product with AMD. (They cannot be used with your own custom live media configuration.)

Are you incorporating Use Case-based Edge Mapping or Mixed Mode Configuration?

  • I'm only using Use Case-based Edge Mapping. During creation of your property hostname to edge hostname association, if you've set the "Use Case" setting to either Live or On Demand, you need to match that setting here. Complete setup is discussed in How to implement Use Case-based Edge Mapping.
  • I'm using Mixed Mode Configuration for AMD. This lets you include use case-based behaviors like Segmented Media Delivery Mode in rules outside the Default Rule, in order to optimize delivery for unique requests using specific match criteria. If you're including this behavior in multiple rules, ensure that it's set to match the applicable delivery mode for each rule. See the document, Mixed Mode Configuration for AMD for more details.