MMC use cases

With Mixed Mode Configuration (MMC) available, you can set up a single property to combine multiple use case scenarios.

Before you begin

Review the topic, What are use case-based behaviors? so you have an idea of what these behaviors are, and the logic behind their application via a rule in a property.

These aren't the only MMC combinations

What's here are just some of the scenarios you can employ with MMC. There are several different use cases you can employ, and you can even combine some of these scenarios. (For example, you could optimize delivery of live media and video on demand (VoD) media in a single property, but also apply unique Origin Characteristics for each.)

The key to remember: The more combinations you include in a single property, the more complex the requirements must be, and the greater the possibility for an error. So, take caution when combining, and we recommend you thoroughly test any property before going live to production.