Welcome to API Acceleration

Learn how to improve the performance, security, and scalability of your APIs.

API Acceleration was designed to meet the unique requirements and challenges of delivering performant API and beacon traffic. Many API responses are dynamic in nature and have smaller payloads than typical HTTP/HTTPS traffic.

API Acceleration is beneficial for applications with:
  • Highly distributed users, for example a public API.
  • Dynamic, non-cacheable content that has a high volume of requests.
  • Asymmetric traffic flow, for example telemetry or beacons that often have more ingress than egress.
  • Bidirectional communication between the app and origin, such as chat or gaming.
  • B2B data feed, in some instances server to server, where demand originates from a concentrated location.
  • Flash crowds, rapid spikes in requests, for example gate drop events.

API Acceleration has a specialized network of servers that can handle the unique profile of this dynamic content, along with metadata optimization and mapping strategies designed to accelerate API and beacon traffic.