Create a property

Set up a property for API Acceleration.

The property configuration tells the edge network how to treat requests and subsequent responses for your web content. For example:
  • Where to request content from an origin server
  • Whether to use secure or standard processing
  • Which content types to cache and for how long
  • Whether to create a cookie
  • Whether to require authentication
To set up API Acceleration, you need to create a property then add rules and behaviors. Every API Acceleration property automatically includes a set of best practices behaviors in the Default Rule that have been optimized for best performance.

How to

  1. Select the appropriate Control Center account.
  2. Select API Acceleration.
  3. In the Property Name field, enter a name for your property.
    Tip: To make things easy, you can use your site's hostname for this value. Make note of the value you set for future reference.
  4. Click Create Property.