Edit a key

You can edit the label, value, description, and tags associated with any key that already exists in a collection.

API: You can also complete this task by using the API Keys and Traffic Management API. Run the Edit a key operation. Learn more about Akamai’s APIs.

How to

  1. In API Keys and Traffic Management, from the key collections list, select the collection where you want to edit a key.
  2. In the collection panel, on the Keys tab, in the Actions column, click the ellipsis icon () associated with the key that you want to edit.
    You can only edit information about one key at a time.
  3. From the menu, select Edit/View key.
  4. In the Edit key window, make the necessary changes. Click Save.
    Key ID and Created at are the only fields that cannot be changed.
    While your changes appear on the Keys tab and are propagate to the Akamai network, you can track progress by monitoring the pending icon () next to the affected key.