Add API resources

API resources are unique services in an API endpoint. You add resources by entering their basic information, such as name and path. You also specify HTTP methods that API consumers can use to interact with resources.

How to

  1. On the Register new API page, in the API resources panel, click +.
  2. Enter the Resource name and Resource notes if you want.
  3. In the Resource path field, enter the resource path relative to the hostnames and base path where the resource resides in the following format: /path

    The resource path might be case-sensitive if you select the Case-sensitive URLs and parameters check box. This means that, for example, /path and /Path might denote two different resources.

    When entering a resource path, you can use curly brackets ({}) to define path parameters (for example,/path/{pathparam1}). If you want, you can also define multiple path parameters (for example, /path/{pathparam1},{pathparame2},{pathparam3}). All path parameters that you define this way automatically appear in the methods that you select for a resource.

    The resource path appears after the base path in the resource URL.
  4. In the Methods section, select the methods that you want to enable for the resource.
    When you associate a method with a resource, you define how API consumers can use the resource. For example, by selecting the PUT method, you allow API consumers to modify the resource. If a method is not selected, requests that include it won’t be able to use the associated resource.