Customize a dashboard

On each dashboard you add, you can rearrange the charts with drag & drop, resize the charts, and enable automatic refresh for the data that appears on the charts.

Before you begin

  1. Access API Dashboard.
  2. Ensure that you have at least one dashboard.

How to

  1. From the dashboard list on the left, select the dashboard that you want to configure additional preferences for.
  2. Do these steps:
    1. To refresh data in the dashboard’s widgets automatically every minute, select the Auto refresh check box.
    2. To enable dragging and dropping, and resizing the charts, select the Customizable check box.
      After you select Customizable, you can freely rearrange the widgets in API Dashboard. For example, you can move the charts you consider the most important to the top and keep the ones you rarely use at the bottom.

      You can also change the size of each widget by using .