Clone an API configuration

Instead of registering a new API, you can clone a version of an existing API configuration with its endpoint, resource, security, and delivery settings intact. This option is useful if you want to create a new API configuration with similar properties to an already existing configuration.

API: You can also complete this task by using the API Endpoints API. Run the Clone an endpoint operation. Learn more about Akamai’s APIs.

How to

  1. On the API Definitions page, in the Registered APIs list, click the ellipsis icon () next to the API configuration that you want to clone.
  2. From the menu, select Clone API.
    The Clone API window appears.
  3. In the Clone API window, from the Base version menu, select the API configuration version that you want to base your new API on.
  4. Optional: In the New API name field, enter a unique name for your new API configuration.
  5. In the New base path field, enter a base path on which your API will serve content in the following format: /basePath
    where basePath is the case-sensitive URL prefix relative to the host root for all API paths.
  6. Optional: From the Access control group menu, select the group of users that you want to be able to access your API.
  7. From the API hostnames menu, select at least one hostname for publishing your new API via Akamai.
  8. Click Clone API.
    The cloned API configuration opens on the endpoint and resource configuration page and you can modify the existing settings.
  9. If necessary, modify the API base path or API hostnames to ensure that API endpoint URLs are unique.
  10. If you do not want to make any additional changes to the API configuration, click Save.