Compare API configuration versions

The version comparator feature included in API Gateway lets you view differences and similarities between two selected versions of one registered API configuration. By comparing API configuration versions, you can easily identify configuration changes that altered your API traffic and understand how your settings evolved over time.

How to

  1. On the API Definitions page, in the Registered APIs section, click the ellipsis icon () associated with the API configuration whose versions you want to compare.
  2. From the menu, select Manage versions.
  3. In the Version history panel, select the two versions that you want to compare. Click Compare versions.
    In the Compare versions window, you can compare API endpoint properties, security settings, JWT validation, CORS, caching, and other properties associated with your API configuration versions. You can also see how specific resources within your API configuration changed over time. For information about different properties, see the following sections:
    Tip: To enter fullscreen mode, click .
  4. Optional: If you want to see only the differences between two configuration versions, ensure the Show only differences check box is selected.
    The differences are divided into three types:
    Items that have been removed from the version. Marked in red.
    Items whose value has been changed. Marked in yellow.
    Items that have been added to the version. Marked in green.
  5. Optional: To compare properties of other configuration versions, from the menus in the top-left corner, select the versions you want to view. Click Compare.
  6. When you finish comparing versions, close the Compare versions window.