API Dashboard (beta)

API Dashboard is a standalone application that lets you create dashboards with various charts related to your API traffic. Because API Gateway generates the charts with only a five-minute delay, you can discover issues proactively and come up with solutions before the issues become significant.


When you first open API Dashboard, an empty dashboard appears without any charts.

You can also add additional dashboards and tailor each dashboard so that it contains only a specific set of charts. For example, an API traffic dashboard may include the following charts related to API traffic: APIs with the most traffic, API traffic. Another dashboard focused on API keys may include these charts: API key traffic, API keys closest to quota limit.

Each chart that you add to a dashboard requires additional filters to be configured. Depending on the chart type, you can filter by one of the following criteria:

Registered API
Choose the registered APIs for which you want to display the data. The filter lets you select from all APIs associated with your current account context.
Tip: If you select only one API, the Cache hits and misses and Authentication denials charts will include links to relevant configuration pages in API Definitions. By following these links, you can go straight to your API settings and adjust them as appropriate.
API key
Choose the API keys for which you want to display the data in the API key traffic chart. The filter lets you select from all API keys associated with the APIs you selected in the registered API filter.

You can select the time period for which you want to display data in charts added to your dashboard. If you set the end date to the current time, charts will display data starting from the current time minus five minutes and counting backwards.

You can rearrange charts on a dashboard by enabling drag & drop. You can also configure the data in the charts to refresh automatically. Your browser will remember any preferences that you set and automatically apply them next time you open API Dashboard.