Activation history

The activation history panel lets you view detailed information about each activation and deactivation of your API configuration versions.

You can access the activation history panel by selecting the Activation history tab in the version management panel of an API configuration.

Activation history panel

You can sort API activation and deactivation instances by the following criteria:

The date and time of an activation/deactivation.
A hyperlink to a specific API version. You can click the link to access the version’s endpoint and resource configuration page.
The network where an API version has been activated or deactivated; either Production or Staging.
Activation notes
Additional information about an activation/deactivation instance entered by the user who performed the action.
The name or email address of the user who activated or deactivated an API configuration version.

Activation statuses

Each activation or deactivation instance has a corresponding activation status. The following statuses are available:

Activation successful
An API configuration version has been successfully activated.
Activation triggered/Deactivation triggered
The activation or deactivation process of an API configuration version has been started and the change is being propagated to the Akamai network.
An API configuration version has been deactivated either as a result of activating another version, or a direct user-initiated deactivation.
Activation failed/Deactivation failed
An API configuration version activation or deactivation has failed. This may be caused by a connectivity issue.