Deactivate API configuration versions

You can deactivate an API configuration version together with all its endpoint, resource, security, and delivery settings in staging, production, or both environments. Two API configuration versions cannot be active in the same environment simultaneously. The following deactivation steps only affect your API traffic. After you complete this task, the properties associated with your API configuration remain active on the Akamai network.

API: You can also complete this task by using the API Endpoints API. Run the Deactivate a version operation. Learn more about Akamai’s APIs.

How to

  1. On the API Definitions page, in the Registered APIs section, click the ellipsis icon () associated with the API configuration whose version you want to deactivate.
  2. From the menu, select Deactivate API.
  3. In the Deactivate API window, in the Deactivate API on area, select the environment and version for the deactivation.
    You can deactivate two versions at a time, on the staging and production networks.
  4. Optional: In the Notes field, enter additional information about the deactivation.
    You can use this field to document changes for future reference.
  5. Optional: In the Notification emails field, select or enter at least one email address to receive a notification when the deactivation completes.
  6. Click Deactivate.
    The deactivation of the API configuration version starts and should take approximately 20 minutes for the staging, and 30 minutes for the production network. You can track progress by monitoring the pending icon () next to the affected API configuration version. When the process completes, a success message appears at the top of the page and the deactivated icon () replaces the pending icon ().