API configuration version management

You can create multiple versions of a single API configuration. This feature helps you keep track of changes to your endpoints over time and lets you go back to previously active configurations easily. You can view and manage all configuration versions of an endpoint in the version history panel accessible from the API Definitions main page.

On the API Definitions main page, you can access the version history panel for an API configuration by clicking the ellipsis icon () associated with the API and selecting Manage versions.

Version history panel

Sorting criteria

The version management panel lets you sort API configuration versions by the following criteria:

A hyperlink with an API configuration version number. You can click the link to access the version’s endpoint and resource configuration page.
General information about an API configuration version.
Last modified
The date of the last modification of an API configuration version
Modified by
The name of a user who last modified an API configuration version.
Based on
Another version that this API configuration version is based on.
Staging status
The activation status of an API configuration version in the Akamai staging environment.
Production status
The activation status of an API configuration version in the Akamai production environment.

Staging and production statuses

Each API version has corresponding staging and production statuses:

An API configuration version is active on the associated Akamai network.
An API configuration version’s activation status change is being propagated to the associated Akamai network.
An API configuration version is not active on the associated Akamai network, but it was active at some point in the past.
An API configuration version is not active on the associated Akamai network and it has never been activated.
An API configuration version activation or deactivation attempt has failed. This may be caused by a connectivity issue.

You can view more detailed information about every activation and deactivation of different API configuration versions by selecting the Activation history tab.


In the version history panel, you can click the ellipsis icon () next to an API configuration version and, depending on the activation status, do one of the actions presented in the following table.

Active Inactive Deactivated
View version X X X
Edit version X
Delete version X
Activate version X X
Deactivate version X
Clone new version from <version_number> X X X
Hide version X X

You can also select any two versions of an API configuration and compare their parameters by clicking the Compare versions button.

After you hide inactive or deactivated versions, you can control whether they appear on the page by using the menu next to the Create new version button. The menu lets you show all versions, show only visible versions, or show only hidden versions.