Before you import

To ensure the smooth import of your API details, consider the following tips on preparing a Swagger or RAML API definition file.

  • You can include an array type inside a JSON/XML object.
  • There are no nesting depth restrictions for JSON elements, but the API Gateway user interface only displays up to three nesting levels.
  • To apply formatting to descriptions in a Swagger file, use Markdown instead of HTML. Swagger doesn’t render HTML tags in the output and interprets them as plain text.
  • Akamai ignores some properties that may be a part of your API definition file. All properties you need for a successful API registration are mentioned in Supported API definition elements.

Consider the following when you reimport an API definition file:

  • The API name, Access control group, API hostnames, and Categories fields do not change during reimport.
  • If you change a Resource path and a resource’s associated methods, this may impact your traffic and cause issues for your API consumers. Ensure that you are aware of possible implications when you change these parameters.