Add parameters to methods

If you’re a Kona Site Defender (KSD) customer, you can configure parameters for every method that you associate with a resource. Parameters are useful for resource identification and filtering operations.

How to

  1. Expand the node of the method that you want to add parameters to.
  2. In the method panel, click Add parameter.
    A group of configuration options appears.
  3. In the Parameter name field, enter a name for the parameter.
  4. From the Parameter location menu, select the location of the parameter in incoming requests.
    You can locate a parameter in a request header, cookie, URL query string, or request body. The request body option is only applicable to JSON or XML objects.
  5. From the Parameter type menu, select the type of the parameter.
  6. If the parameter type is String, Number, or Integer, specify the minimum and maximum parameter values in the Range, Length, or Range/Length fields.
  7. Optional: In the Notes field, enter additional information related to the parameter.
  8. In the Required parameter area:
    • To specify the parameter as mandatory, select Yes.
    • To specify the parameter as optional, select No.

What you should see

A sample parameter configuration may look like this:
Parameter example