Configure your property's hostname settings

You must associate the property hostnames to the edge hostname in Property Manager after you create your property configuration. On the edge network, edge servers read from property configuration files to determine how to distribute content. The association between your property and edge hostnames allows networks to resolve requests for your API. Follow this task to configure secure delivery of API data over HTTPS with your hostname.

How to

  1. Optional: On the Property Manager Editor page, in Property Version Information, select Secure (Customer Certificate).
  2. In Property Hostnames, click Add.
  3. In the Hostnames step, enter your property hostname, or an appropriate portion of that hostname. Click Next.
    Hostnames step
  4. In the IP Version step, select IPv4 + IPv6 (dual stack). Click Next.
    The IPv4 + IPv6 (dual stack) is the recommended option for most API Gateway customers. However, if your system is suited only for IPv4, you may select IPv4 instead.
    IP Version step
  5. In the Certificate step, on the Certificates Matching All Property Hostnames tab, select an SSL certificate. Click Next.
    Certificate step
  6. In the Edge Hostnames step, click the pencil icon () and select the existing edge hostname that your account representative provided:
    1. In the Associate Edge Hostname to Property Hostname window, select Select Existing.
    2. From Edge Hostname, select the edge hostname that your account representative provided and click Submit.
    Edge Hostnames step