Activate a Cloudlets policy version

Now that you have a Cloudlets policy that contains rules, you have to activate it on the Akamai network. You need to activate before you can set up your Cloudlet's behavior in Property Manager.

How to

  1. Go to > CDN > Edge logic Cloudlets.
  2. Click the action cog for the policy you want to activate.
    Note: You can also activate from the Cloudlets Policies, Policy Details, and Version Details screens in Cloudlets Policy Manager.
  3. Select Activate Policy.
  4. Complete these fields:
    Activate Policy Version Fields
    Field Action
    Active Policy Version(s) Review the current activation status for this Cloudlets policy.
    Policy Version to Activate Select the Cloudlets policy version you want to activate.
    Activation Network Select the network you want to activate the policy version on. Options are Staging and Production.

    Before activating the policy in the production environment, it's a good practice to test it in staging.

    Current Property Associations Review the list of properties that are already linked to this Cloudlets policy.
    Add Properties Select the property or properties you want to link to this Cloudlets policy.

    A property includes all the rules for processing end-user requests for a set of your web assets. You configure properties using Property Manager, which is also available from Control Center.

  5. Click Activate Version.