Property and Cloudlet policy considerations

When working with properties and Cloudlet policies, keep the following in mind:

Category Considerations
  • You can associate a Cloudlet policy and all of its versions with either a single property or multiple properties.
Property Manager behavior
  • You can add different types of Cloudlet behaviors to the same property.
  • You can have multiple instances of the same Cloudlet behavior on a single property, but only if the behaviors are in different rules.
  • When a property contains multiple instances of a single Cloudlet behavior, each instance may reference a different Cloudlet policy.
  • If a property includes multiple Cloudlet behaviors, you can select a different Cloudlet policy for each behavior, or use the same policy for all behaviors.
  • For its associated properties, a Cloudlet policy may have different versions active on different networks.
  • When you activate a Cloudlets policy version, it is active for all associated properties on the selected network.