Get Started with China CDN Manager

China CDN Manager lets you manage the lifecycle of hostnames on China's Content Delivery Network (CDN), maintain the information required for compliance with Chinese regulations, and monitor the state of your China CDN hostnames.

It order to get started with China CDN Manager, you must add an ICP holding entity, an ICP number, and a property hostname. This provides China CDN Manager with all the information it needs to begin the process of provisioning your hostname. You do not have to set them up in the order listed above, but it is beneficial to do so because there is a hierarchy to the information you provide Akamai with in order to start provisioning your hostname. For example, you must have an ICP holding entity to issue you a license with the Chinese government. This license contains the ICP number that is the next piece of information Akamai needs to start the provisioning process. With the ICP holding entity and the ICP number added to China CDN Manager, you can add a property hostname, which must reference the ICP number.

An ICP holding entity can contain many ICP licenses but an ICP license can only belong to one ICP holding entity. An ICP number can be referred in many property hostnames but a property hostname can refer to only one ICP license. For example, a change to an ICP holding entity effects all of the ICP licenses associated with it and in turn effects the property hostnames referring to those ICP licenses.

When the ICP holding entity, ICP number, and property hostname are set up in China CDN Manager, you can start the provisioning process. There are two steps in the provisioning process, and you complete both within China CDN Manager. First, you must whitelist your property hostname, which enables traffic in China. After you whitelist the hostname, you map your edge hostname to your property hostname, to optimize performance of your web site or application in China. When this mapping portion is complete, you receive a notification.
Note: In some cases you can only whitelist your property hostname, and you must contact customer support and have a representative complete the mapping process for you.
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