About Client Access Control

You may have clients behind firewalls, and limit client access to known IP addresses or hostnames. Worldwide, the Akamai network has a large number of IP addresses associated with its network of edge servers. These edge server IP addresses can change over time as servers are added or removed from the Akamai network.

For the CAC Access Control List (ACL), Akamai uses Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) blocks to allocate IP addresses and route IP packets.

Note: Client Access Control currently only supports IPv4 CIDR blocks.

The Client Access Control (CAC) module helps you manage access to these servers by providing:

  • an Access Control List (ACL) that contains the set of CIDR blocks that Akamai will use to serve your content.
  • an application, called CIDR Lists, to help manage changes to the CIDR blocks as they occur over time.
  • email notification whenever the list of CIDR blocks changes.

When the list of servers changes, your organization needs to update your firewall rules for outgoing client requests (egress) with the CIDR blocks provided by Akamai.