Reference: Property hostname use cases

Here are a few use case examples that address each delivery type, both secure (HTTPS) and non-secure (HTTP).

Each of the use cases begins with the notion that as a Cloud Partner, you operate one or more domains that are directly related to their various PaaS/IaaS offerings, as either of the following:

  • The DNS name published to "End-Clients" (browsers, applications, media players, etc.) in a fully-qualified URL.
  • The origin hostname to which requests to vanity hostnames may be directed—typically, via a DNS CNAME record, and, especially, when there is no CDN in the request flow.
The various use cases are described with this domain in mind, and they are separated into two primary groups: “HTTP-Only” and “HTTPS.” HTTPS refers to the capability of securing communication between the Akamai platform and the browser, using standard TLS certificates, but that HTTP communication is also supported for these subcustomer without any special requirements. For the purposes of illustration, these examples use the following:
  • The hypothetical Cloud Partner domain
  • When referring to HTTPS delivery, examples use a Cloud Partner subdomain (The “secure” record name is not technically required.)