Create a delivery policy for each subcustomer

Each subcustomer you register for use with your base configuration must have its own delivery policy, to define various settings specific to that subcustomer.

What is a delivery policy?

A delivery policy is a set of rules that consist of match criteria and behaviors that supplement those you've set in the base configuration, but they only apply to the specific subcustomer named in the operation to create the delivery policy.

A delivery policy is laid out in a request body component, and it should include at least the following:

  • An “origin” behavior. This requires that you include the subcustomer's hostname (digitalProperty) as well as the origin hostname (originDomain) where the subcustomer's content is located. (If left out, what you've set for the Origin Server behavior in the base configuration will serve as this subcustomer's origin.)
  • A time to live setting (TTL) for content: Some sites may require this.
  • A geographic restriction: Include this to prevent serving content into some countries. Some sites may require this.

How do I create a Policy?

This is accomplished by running the "Create or update a policy" operation via the ACE API. You'll need the following to complete this operation:

  • propertyId: This is included in the request syntax. This is the unique ID value associated with the base configuration that houses the subcustomer for this delivery policy. Contact your Account Representative for this value.
  • domainName: This is included in the request syntax. This is the hostname (domain) associated with the subcustomer that's using this delivery policy.
  • network: This is included in the request syntax. You need to decide the network where the delivery policy is applied: production (live) or staging (testing). We recommend that you use the staging network, so you can test the delivery policy. You can later update the delivery policy to production to "go live" with it.
  • A properly formatted request body: You also need to include a JSON-formatted document of rules comprised of match criteria and behaviors to apply to requests for this subcustomer's content—If a request adheres to the defined match criteria, the behaviors set in the delivery policy are applied. A host of match criteria ("matches") and behaviors are available for use.
Note: You can disable or enable behaviors for all policies associated with the applicable base configuration, using the Subcustomer Enablement behavior. For example, if you set Token Authentication to "Off" in your base configuration, subcustomers cannot configure this behavior in a delivery policy.

Where can I find instructions on the "create or update a policy" operation?

We offer some topics here in this guide that give you usage guidelines as well as some examples, and we recommend that you review these topics (listed below). However, call formatting specifics are covered in the ACE API documentation: