The Log Request Details behavior

This behavior lets you select the HTTP Request Headers and Cookies you want in included in your Akamai Log Delivery Service (LDS) reports.

  • Log Host Header: This header specifies the domain name of the server (for virtual hosting), and (optionally) the TCP port number on which the server is listening.
  • Log Referer Header: This header contains the address of the previous web page from which a link to the currently requested page was followed. The Referer header allows servers to identify from where people are visiting.
  • Log User-Agent Header: This header contains a characteristic string that allows the network protocol peers to identify the application type, operating system, software vendor or software version of the requesting client.
  • Log Accept-Language Header: This header advertises which languages the client is able to understand, and which locale variant is preferred.
  • Cookie Mode: Select the cookies to be logged—Don't log any cookies, Log all cookies or Log some cookies. Selecting the latter reveals a separate field that you click to select the desired cookie format to capture, "sessionid", "user_local". You can also click the field and manually input the name of an applicable cookie format you want to use. (After which, you need to click the <input name> (new item) option in the drop down to add it.)
  • Include Custom Log Field: Set this switch to "On" to reveal the Custom Log Field. Manually input an applicable log format that you want included in the logs.
Note: The Custom Log Field is truncated to no more than 40 bytes of data. Also, the information as it appears in the logs is escaped per rfc1738.