Before you update or create a delivery policy to support large file delivery for a Subcustomer, there are various tasks you need to complete.

You need to enable Large File Delivery in your base configuration

Just like any instance of ACE, you need to create a base configuration to define feature and support permissions for subcustomers. To support large file delivery, you need to apply some specific settings, using the Subcustomer Enablement behavior in the base configuration.

Note: Only the options required to enable large file delivery are discussed here. Other options can be enabled (or disabled) as necessary for your base configuration.

  • Dynamic Policy: This switch needs to be set to On. This allows interaction with policies for subcustomers that have been registered with this base configuration. (This must be enabled to modify or create a delivery policy to support large file delivery.)
  • Large File Delivery: This switch must be set to On to allow configuration of large file delivery in a subcustomer delivery policy.

You can add other Large File optimizations

You can add a separate behavior that allows you to set various optimizations for use in large file delivery. These settings will be applied to all subcustomers that are registered with this base configuration. (You can override these settings on a per-subcustomer, by applying the appropriate "params" in a delivery policy via the ACE API.)

  • Add the "Content Characteristics - Large File" behavior. Make sure that Large File Delivery is enabled in the Subcustomer Enablement behavior, and add this behavior to the same rule:
    1. Click the Add Behavior button.
    2. In the Search available behaviors field, input "Content" and select the Content Characteristics - Large File behavior from the list.
    3. Click the Insert Behavior button.
    4. Set the options in the behavior to define various optimizations for large file delivery. (Mouse-over each option for a detailed description.)
Note: If you're unsure of what to set for a specific option, leave it set to "Unknown."

You need to register subcustomers

To offer a subcustomer access to this support, it must be registered with the base configuration that has the appropriate Subcustomer Enablement behavior options applied.

  • This is a new subcustomer. This is no different than registering a subcustomer with any other ACE base configuration—you use the "Add a new subcustomer" operation via the ACE API.
  • This subcustomer is already registered: You don't need to re-register an existing subcustomer to apply this support.
    1. Ensure that the base configuration that the subcustomer is associated with has the appropriate Subcustomer Enablement options applied.
    2. Update the existing delivery policy settings for that subcustomer to apply the settings covered in this document.