You need to use the ACE API

We offer a robust API used to register customers (" subcustomers") for ACE, and configure polices of rules and behaviors for each.

Configuration of ACE is a multiple step process. You initially use Property Manager to create a base configuration to manage all requests for subcustomer content, then you use the ACE API to actually configure each individual subcustomer.

The ACE API version

The current version of the ACE API is 2.0. All services discussed in this documentation use this version of the API.

Note: Other functions and services offered for use with ACE may use legacy or newer versions of the API. They are covered in separate documents, where the required version is specifically called out.

There are other APIs you can use

You can optionally use other Akamai APIs to perform other aspects of the configuration:

  • Property Manager API. You can use this API to create and update your base configurations for ACE. This may be excessive, because you typically only need to interact with this configuration a single time. So we recommend you use the Property Manager in Control Center, instead.
  • Media Delivery Reports. This API offers operations specific to ACE that let you retrieve usage and quality metrics, but it doesn't include billing data. Currently, it combines ACE and ICA data: If a given endpoint served both types of traffic during the selected time period, the report does not differentiate between the two. In addition, this API also reports metrics for Adaptive Media Delivery, Download Delivery, Object Delivery and RTMP Media Delivery.
  • Billing Center. This API provides access to CSV-based contract usage data for accounts you can access. We provide separate reports for ACE and ICA per billing period. The ACE report lists subcustomer usage (hits and bytes) by geography. The ICA report contains billing data for subcustomers that used ICA, without reference to geography.