Map expansion and ACE API operations

We've enhanced the ACE API in support of our recent map expansion improvements.

What is Map Expansion?

Previously with ACE, the regional network maps used were limited to address safety concerns, to prevent risk to the entire network. So, ACE wasn't operating as well as it could. To improve performance, we've made large improvements that allowed us to expand to 100% of the regional maps in the Akamai network.

As a result, propagation of a new policy requires more time. Early testing has shown this has increased from one minute to eight minutes. But, the overall performance and safety benefits definitely make up for this.

There's a propagation status for each policy

To accommodate the added propagation time that map expansion introduces, we've made changes to the ACE API that allow you to check on your policies.

  • You can check the status of a policy. The Get a Policy operation now includes the activationStatus value in the response:
    • ACTIVE. The policy has been applied and is active in the applicable network (staging vs. production).
    • PROPAGATING. The policy was just created or edited and is still being propagated to the applicable network.
    • ACTIVATION_FAILED. Propagation of the policy failed. Check its configuration and resubmit it.
  • You can view the last active version of a policy. Use the Get latest active policy operation to view the last ACTIVE status version of a policy. You can review all of the current settings applied for it, to determine if an update is required. (And, skip the new propagation time delay if the update isn't necessary.)