You need to set up a base configuration

The ACE base configuration refers to the settings and options you set up for use by our Edge network servers. Edge servers communicate with your origin server(s) to fetch, cache or process content, and subsequently serve that content to the requesting client.

We recommend you use the Property Manager in Control Center

You can use either the Property Editor interface in Control Center, or the Property Manager APIs (available via to create this configuration. Typically, this is a one-time process. So, for ease-of-use, we recommend that you use the Property Manager UI in Control Center to set up your base configuration.

With this in mind, this document only covers the use of UI to create the configuration. (Use of this API is not covered here.)

How many configurations should I have?

Typically, as a cloud partner, you should only need one base configuration. However, you can have multiple base configurations to manage multiple permutations of your network settings. You can also have multiple base configurations to support the different use cases of your customers.

So, before you go on with this process, you may want to contact your Account Representative for suggestions on the best configuration for your specific use case.

Note: This documentation uses the terms base configuration, configuration and configuration file interchangeably.