Before you begin

There are various requirements and procedures that must be followed to get started with all Akamai APIs, including ACE.

You need your propertyId

The propertyId is a unique value that is automatically generated for a base configuration after you create it. This value is required in all ACE API operations.

You need to contact your Account Representative to get this value.

Get started with the APIs

Review Get Started with APIs for details on how to set up client tokens to access any Akamai API. These tokens appear as custom hostnames that look like this:

The process linked above also discusses the use of Control Center to enable the API. During this process, choose the API service named Wholesale Delivery, and set the access level to READ-WRITE.

Note: "Wholesale Delivery" is the legacy name of this product. A future release of this toolset will update this value to "Akamai Cloud Embed."

Additional API reference information

Below are links to various additional Akamai API resources you might find useful.